My passion for yoga began in 1986 whilst I was pregnant with my daughter Katy. It made my pregnancy an enjoyable experience as well as keeping me calm and relaxed during her birth.

Over the years I have practised many different styles of yoga. Each one has influenced my teaching, giving me a range of sources that I can draw inspiration from.

In 2003 I joined a Tai Chi class at my Health Club. I was stunned at the wonderful sense of calm that I could achieve in just 45 minutes. It really helped me build muscle strength and improved my cardiovascular capacity.

Whilst taking part in these classes I found that Qigong (Chinese exercises) really complemented my learning Tai Chi. It developed my flexibility and I became more focused enabling me to better remember sequences.

I trained with the Bihar School of Yoga becoming a qualified teacher in 2000 and am I am accredited teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga.

In 2006 I became a qualified practitioner of Qigong with the Chinese Internal Arts Association.

During 2010 I trained to become a qualified teacher of Yoga for Pregnancy with Yoga Campus.

Also in 2010 I qualified as a Chen Style Tai Chi instructor with the Chinese Internal Arts Association.

Throughout this time I have learnt a great deal about how to achieve well-being by practising Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Pilates and Meditation. However, it is not this knowledge that keeps me practising and teaching, it is my love, passion and most of all my enjoyment of these disciplines.  Iwant to share them with the world.

I hope that you are able to find as much enjoyment from my classes and 1:1 sessions as I do teaching them.

I enjoy Marjorie's classes because the approach to the postures is done in a flowing manner. There is an air of tranquillity to her teaching which, for me, is an essential part of yoga. She is clearly very knowledgeable, has integrity, and can explain what each move or pose benefits. During relaxation, the cadence in her voice is very soothing. Her lessons are thorough, well thought out and enjoyable.
I have been coming to Marjorie's Yoga class for nearly 8 years  because it is a mixed class  Marjorie makes the class suitable for all people be that they are beginners or more advanced, we are all technically challenged.  Marjorie's voice is so soothing when we have the meditation at the end this is so relaxing and I go home feeling rejuvenated. I definately recommend anyone to join her classes.