Feeling frustrated that you are not achieving your goals or you believe you have more to give and do not know where to begin to develop yourself? Want a change in career? Want to stop procrastinating, and do things in a timely fashion? Want to feel confident about how you look & feel?

Life & Career coaching are 1:1 sessions usually lasting for an hour. At the first session, you will decide on what you want to change for the better, either stop doing something that is not helping you and/or developing a new good new habit. My role is to provide the structure and ask appropriate questions to help you create a plan of action and establish what you need to do to start making the changes. At future sessions, we review what you have achieved and how, discuss what more you need to do and then update the action plan. It is not a quick fix, but over time you are able to see the improvements and start working on your own.

The sessions are usually 2 weeks apart with 3-6 sessions. Then you review, have you achieved what you want, are you feeling confident, if so then no more sessions are needed. If you feel you want more than just book more sessions to suit your needs.

The cost is £30 per session.