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Yoga practice is a combination of yoga postures (asanas); breathing techniques (pranayama); relaxation techniques (including Yoga Nidra) & meditation.

Yoga practice means different things for different people and different things for the same person at different times. It can be gentle, slow and relaxing; it can be strong, stimulating and energising. Or it could be a mixture of the two.

I started off my learning of yoga when I was 4 months pregnant and just loved going to class each week, practising at home and for me made my pregnancy a relaxed and enjoyable time. The style was Iyengar which emphasised correct alignment and use of props to help me get the most from each posture. After 5 years of this style, I discovered Satyananda style which introduced me to the idea of energy centres (chakras) and a form of relaxation called Yoga Nidra which is just amazing. After qualifying as a yoga teacher I experienced many different styles of yoga such as the strong flowing Astanga and vinyasa styles and it is from this that I developed my own vinyasa as I loved putting together the postures in different ways that would create a sequence that worked well as a whole with the aim of feeling energised and calm at the end of the sequence.

Due to some serious health issues I, personally, for a time had to find a more gentle style of yoga which meant going back to the principles I learnt on my Satyananda training as well as Yin yoga. This Restorative yoga helped me to deal physically and emotionally while significantly improving my health and more importantly with the quality of my life.

My style is about creating and sustaining energy which may be gentle restorative yoga or the stronger flowing styles. It is about respecting what you feel on the day and providing a session that suits you.


Here are some of the benefits of regular practice:
Improved: flexibility, breathing, cardio vascular activities, balance, concentration, focus and memory
Increased: stamina, strength, sense of well-being
Being able to be calm, centred; managing stressful situations and pain more effectively

the session

You will learn a range of yoga poses and will put them together in a flowing sequence.  There a many variations and levels of difficulty so is ideally suited to you no matter what level of fitness or age you are.   You can make it as gentle or as challenging as you wish.  You learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you release tension relax and develop a quiet mind and calm body.   This combination of softness and strength helps you strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility and stamina.  The combination of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques help to improve your concentration, feel calm and centred and yet energised. 


Students need to bring a long a yoga mat or towel.  Loose clothing is advised and students are advised not to eat a heavy meal two hours prior to the lesson.







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I love my weekly yoga classes with Marjorie. She is bubbly & fun to be with, yet so calming & patient when we do our exercises. I always come away from class each week feeling refreshed & revitalised. I would recommend Marjorie to anybody. She is an inspiration to me.